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There are plenty of articles on people management that explain how employees prefer to be recognised by any number of things other than money. It might be better benefits and perks, career development, more time off, or more flexible working hours.

But at the end of the day, for most people, earning money is a principal reason to go to work each day. It’s also one of the easiest ways for them to measure themselves and their achievements. So, what you pay people matters.

There are consequences to getting remuneration wrong, not the least of which are potential legal issues. Then there’s the damage it can do to employee motivation, retention, and recruitment, and the company’s overall reputation.

This employer guide takes an in-depth look at remuneration, including:

  • Why remuneration is important.
  • Reasons to get pay right.
  • Pay parity.
  • Common strategies for paying people fairly.
  • How to have constructive pay conversations.
  • What to do if employees aren’t happy with their pay.

For the New Zealand version of this guide, click here.

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